stressed out!

2:38 AM

still thinking about the result of my examinations.
well, if you attempt, you will pass the test. but how am i? will i pass the test. i think for chemist, economy, sociology, civics, english.. i can.. because i have done them well ~

but for others, i just sat lamenting the fate of my results..
my BAHASA! i am indonesian, but i could't do well that exam! how could it be??
my GEOGRAPHY! i have studied that F all day, and the result might bee.. "worse"
my PHYSIC! I just could't do 5 questions.. but when i check my answers with friend, i have so many differences!

so, it still 3

for 2 others, we will have them on monday and tuesday, and it will be our last exam this month..


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Thank you! i will reply very very soon xoxo