6:32 AM

we changed our plan yesterday and decided to go to
the tjong a fie house has 35 rooms, but the tour guide just showed us 1 room because others had its own privacy and they belonged to his descendant and his wifes
we had to pay 35 for each.. and it was a little bit expensive for me

we started from 12.30 up to 6.40 p.m. daniel fetched us..
we had our brilliant holiday yesterday. and we took so manyy mannyy pictures. 'till my shutter count is 1350
wow..because the first used camera was just few weeks ago.

and hell... tomorrow i have so manyyy hw! biology, math, bahasa..this is not really important.but i finished this just because of the score, and computer worksh*t.ups.
we are learning about m.excel. i hate the subject..and the next subject is about photoshop and i love it.

well.. tonight is not a beautifull night..because my brother really really made me angry, upset, annoyed, and blah!
he is so so good at opposing me! and i really hate that. untill my mood is become bad. really bad, i screamed loudly to him because i couldnt control my anger anymore..

oh, and the pictures of our small tour, i will upload it soon. i cant do it tonight..i still have many to do. the pictures is about 210
buhbye fellas.

brenda with feeling like hell

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Thank you! i will reply very very soon xoxo