super week

7:38 AM

so many things come across this week. Glad that i can accomplish my mandarin quiz with remarkable mark since only a few students get one hundred,and get average mark for bahasa indonesia....
in fact i didn't study at all and i cheated with my backmate...

sadly tomorrow i am going to have biology quiz and for next wednesday there's history exam. the principal has decided a new rule that all the teachers have to give us quiz when one topic is finished, and hand the test result over to administration office.

distressly,i am hopeless to get first rank in class since there are many people with willing to study. i always decide to put on effort to my school lesson for better result, but it always ends up by browsing,watching tv,naping,and hanging around. honestly, i have never cheated before on monthly test,all the questions i do it by myself.

gladly, my blogviews increases and it really makes my day.


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  1. lovely bag!

  2. thanks for following me! will do the same~! :)

    good luck with your studies!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  3. nice look :)
    my name is brenda too btw lol



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