7:03 AM

sorry for not showing up lately..
i am very busy with the school work..tomorrow we will celebrate my bestfriend birthday, actually her birthday is on 21st october..we couldnt celebrate because of exams.
my teacher gave us project to do..
and finally i have done my it well :)

anyway, i watched "SPRIRITED AWAY" movie last day, and the movie is so fascinating,creepy and quite funny.
i recommended you to watch it,
it's an anime. it's telling about a young girl who is being trapped by spirits in something that i can say 'the creepy and lost place'
and her parents changes into pigs by those spirits, and her mission is to help her parents.
it sounds bored when you first read the synopsis, but it will straightaway change your opinion about the movie.

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Thank you! i will reply very very soon xoxo