simple minded

6:04 AM


sorry for being absence for a week, i was so busy. anyway i have been teaching english for kids, and it was my first time my first day on monday. i was lil bit nervous, and afraid that the kids would not respect me as their teacher. but the reality was they did respect me! 
i do feel so happy that i can find my own cash.
and hell, the assignments from the school are so so many until i hardly posted this look
actually this look was taken on my vacations, and it was one month ago. i just didn't have time to post and to edit, so i postponed it.

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  1. I love how casual this outfit is! I think my fave part is your hat! So cute! And congrats on your job! How fun it must be to work with kids! Age group?

  2. love the look so casual ;) the beanie is too cute :3

    xoxo, michelle

  3. Amazing look and photos! Love it <3
    Lots of kisses*

  4. you look so cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog(: I followed you! Hope you can follow me back<3

    xx, Shirley

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  6. Amazing pictures!! :)

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