farewell trip

By Brenda Lu - 7:23 AM

this is my farewell trip and also the first time to go abroad without parents, just friends. finally we have graduated from high school and the next step is to the university. how come time passes so fast, i was just a junior high school student before, and suddenly senior high school student, and jump up to pre-university!
now, i must be serious about my future path, and what will be my major.
btw, i had a trip to malaysia and singapore for 9 days and it was an amazing trip ever, i want to go back again! it was the first time shopping without mother, i mean i can buy everything i want but ofc i am not that spendthrift, i can control myself. we had a really great week, we went for shopping, we ate together, and even i tried the fish spa and also it was the first time, it felt really great, it felt like tickling your feet, and my first minute to try it, i could not stop laughing. the accommodation in kuala lumpur is great too, it is hygiene, but the sleeping space is not enough since we just rent 1 room for 6 girls until i could feel my back hurt. the accommodation in singapore is for me not really good, i mean it is not really hygiene especially the bathroom, so many hairs on the floor,  the closet, everything. i felt so uncomfortable with that, the bed too it is quite dusty, but the aircon is fine. no wonder, we didn't stay in hotel, we stayed in hostel/apartment. it was a horrible place to stay in and i don't want to go back to that place anymore. the good thing is we can have free breakfast and lunch/dinner for only 1sgd and u will get a big portion of food. that is just my review about the accommodation. 
the best things from all are the shopping time and eating time, and also sharing moments together for 9days. till we meet again pals!

by the way, does anyone know why my new page cannot show up? 

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  1. cool sunglasses and you guys look so happy :D


  2. Fabulous dear!
    Have a blessed week ahead of you!
    kisses from Miami,

  3. Love your outfits. Seems like you and friends had an overjoyed moment
    x :)


  4. You looked like you had so much fun. Loving all these photos x


  5. Of course, we can follow each other. :)

    Nice post ndaaa


  6. such a funny pics!


Thank you! i will reply very very soon xoxo