Thursday Blue

3:28 AM

clothes - unbranded / wedges - crocs / bag - h&m

Feeling productive with all the photoshoots and videography that is gonna be uploaded soon, but still there is a feeling of unproductiveness because i haven't completed my cover letter and C.V. for my internship and the deadline is coming soon. 

Going to a park today with a friend of mine, his name is Andrew (Ig : @awktavian)  and luckily he loves photography and because of him, i have a lot of good pictures to post to my blog and my instagram. Today's outfit and makeup are inspired from the theme #Indonesianandproud
with a blue and warm tone transition shadows inspired from Balinese dancers, and long traditional printed skirt inspired from the traditional indonesian culture. 

what do you think of the outfit?

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Thank you! i will reply very very soon xoxo