2:31 AM

yahh! so here i am update some photos. we just have our photos time at classrom, whereas nother friends were sitting at cafeteria, so our classroom was lonesome..mwahahaa..

andd.. GALIB my friend, who captured us just now is totally "gaptek".. xxxx
we were tired of waiting his "click!"

you see.. the one that is eating , he is my obviously crazy friend.
the one who is pulling up her skirt is sanny ~ well, little bit..insane or somehow
and the one who is raising hand is ardisa. her laugh is able to make me deaf.

so the back one.. see.. the biggest one.. that is darwis. he is insane too.

oh! the one who acts like dizzy, wanna throw up , stress, or somehow is stefanny.
i dont know how to write her name. hopefully, she wont mad at me.

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Thank you! i will reply very very soon xoxo