the summary of "HAPPY CAKEDAY DANIEL LIE" story. xx

5:31 AM

 wish you the best of the lot,smarter, slimmer, taller, better, more handsome, and longlife dearest!!
we made a small suprise. actually he was so "geer" just now, he thought that we would give him a cake, and he couldn't stop asking where was his cake! and he really made us feel
 we played the cream and dabbed it to them who has paid for the cake. hihi vinnata,ardisa, and I dabbed the cream to vincent face. he then got fed-up and chased us for revenge. i ran slowly because the floor was slippery and i was afraid of falling down so i stopped. i thought he wouldn't dab it to my face but he did!! i couldn't stop laughing. after that he chased ardisa and vinnata.

the photo will be uploaded soon

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Thank you! i will reply very very soon xoxo