passes away as always

7:21 AM

school is going to start on this friday and this is common. the channel tv always shows up jackie chan's actions and i like it.
holiday always ends up useless. i have got no mission complete even one.
the uncomplete and hasn't started yet mission :

  • watch the diary of the wimpy kid 2nd editions
  • buy slit tops at gaudi
  • get a galaxy motif skirt,top,and short in my wardrobe. found out one but no money to buy and the pattern is sucks
  • taking a self fashion photograph
  • DIY. i have never ever done any diy fashion bracelet,top even short...such a useless. my grandma doesn't want to teach me. as the same as my mom
  • baking a cake
  • be featured on
i am searching a link to upload my look to teen vogue but i can't find it. why?

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Thank you! i will reply very very soon xoxo