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12:21 AM

it's almost new year!
i can hardly wait for the fireworks, for the joy of people screaming out the seconds to pass 2013 together.
new year,

Make New Year's goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you're interested in fully living life in the year to come.

Goals give us direction. They put a powerful force into play on a universal, conscious, and subconscious level. Goals give our life direction.

What would you like to have happen in your life this year? What would you like to do, to accomplish? What good would you like to attract into your life? What particular areas of growth would you like to have happen to you? What blocks, or character defects, would you like to have removed?

What would you like to attain? Little things and big things? Where would you like to go? What would you like to have happen in friendship and love? What would you like to have happen in your family life?

What problems would you like to see solved? What decisions would you like to make? What would you like to happen in your career?

Write it down. Take a piece of paper, a few hours of your time, and write it all down - as an affirmation of you, your life, and your ability to choose. Then let it go.

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”
― melody beattie

what do you all wish for the upcoming year?
uhm if i, i would wish to enter the best university, to have a bright future, to have a happy ending life, to have a healthy relationship and a healthy life, to make my parents and family proud, to become a rich business woman someday, and yes to fulfill my wishlist things!

last view days, i had discovered a one of the largest online clothes wholesalers, i was super excited to find out that they sell some of my wishlist items. all of their stuffs are superb and sophisticated.
 this is a very right place for people who are looking to save money and buy wholesale clothing. not only that, they will bring you wholesale direct prices and huge discounts .
they also feature the latest design with beautiful manufactured to the highest standards to give you maximum peace of mind when you buy clothes online.

i recommend you, this is the very right place for us to search outfits for new year. i have been staying on their site like around one hour.
btw, i have a good news for all of you.
you can get their cloth now for free! yes, Rosewholesale and I are holding a giveaway! don't worry, this is an international giveaway.
there will remain only one person to win the sophisticated cloth


click on the picture to get direct link.

good luck everybody!

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  1. oh my! me too, i'm hoping to get the best university ( : it seems like you had a great new year resolution~


  2. Wow very cool Giveaway dear, I loed read all your post the New Year upcoming with so many things. I want to join to you Giveaway I hope be lucky! Here my favs!


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  4. Good look with the giveaway, that denim vest is worth to win for!

  5. Awesome Blog!! Happy New Year!!
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  8. Love that bit on the New Year! And your blog is so lovely! I've followed you on GFC and Instagram. I look forward to hearing from you :)

  9. happy new year :)

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    the STYLE Fringe BLOGLOVIN

  10. i wish for a great year ahead (obviously), more drama (so i can learn more), more blessings & i just wish the best for next year ;)
    happy new year to you too!


  11. Nice giveaway ! Happy New Year

    Chic Swank

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  13. Great giveaway! Following you on GFC now. Hope you'll check out my page too!


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  15. goodluck for everybody!! <3 <3

  16. goodluck got the giveaway ,dear ♥



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