6:14 AM

hey fellas! what is up right now?
terrible is on my school life
oh my.
first,  i have my project, the teacher gave us last week. it's about excel. i have ever learnt that but 2 years ago i think. and now i have forgotten that all. troublesome ._.
second, mmy chemistry quiz got 70! whyyy??? and the 1st rank got 95!
third, i am the secretary , and when somebody is not attending the class, i'll write "absent". and this tragedy happen to me and the girl. when it was in daytime, she was absent and i thought that she was skipping the class. she didn't inform me at the first where she, i wrote absent. is that wrong? is that a wrong thing?
then the tomorrow.. she came with unhappy face, and mock me. what to do?
i didn't have any business with her.

then after the class monitor asked our homeroom teacher about that prob, i hope that she could awake.., and realize that she was the one who wrong, not me.

do you understand what i was telling just now?

but i have a good news
i got the highest score in composition

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Thank you! i will reply very very soon xoxo